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Jumping From High Altitude Hot Air Balloons by Ruth
Jumping from an air balloon at 12,000! this is something I would really like to see. I've read Sean's post about flying an air balloon to 12,000 feet with two pilots and three jumpers and I couldn't decide if it is as crazy as it sounds (you ...
Sometimes A dream Can Go A long Way by Ruth
Hot air balloons can come in all colors and forms as the story of Bob Romaneschi clearly shows. The sky is the limit so to say and actually if we think about it there is no limit to the creativity and freedom of the human spirit. I'm a big fan ...

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Hi, I am Allan Dobson You should take your blueprint of the Akron to a architect office and have them make copies of it then sell the copies on-line. The Seattle Museum of Flight may ...
by Allan Dobson - 2 weeks ago
by Vale - 1 month ago
http://www.hotairballoonist.com http://www.blastvalve.com are to two most active for sale sites. Also search Facebook
by kcloney - 1 month ago
was that the same balloon that was owned by Mick Farnham?
by D Swift - 1 month ago
go to Michael's and buy jewelry bags. They look like little money bags. Work great
by kcloney - 1 month ago
I have launched skydivers for about 8 years. Yes it can be cost effective. You will need a 180-210 balloon size and an experienced LTA pilot. There is a gentleman in Arizona that does it ...
by kcloney - 1 month ago
Contact Keith Sproul he is a great resource and should be able to answer all of your questions
by kcloney - 1 month ago

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